We create naturally pure beauty products based on ingredients from the Greek nature. Greece is blessed with a rich biodiversity due to its unique landscape. Hidden in herbs, plants and the marine flora, nutrient-rich ingredients possess exceptional rejuvenating and hydrating effects which used to be known since the ancient times. Now that these natural ingredients have also been scientifically proven to be beneficial for our skin our mission is to share the ancient secrets of Greek nature with the whole world.

The quality of our products is enhanced by a careful choice of high performance raw materials and formulas which guarantee the creation of an effective product for our customers.


We make no compromises regarding the sustainability of our products. Our goal is to create and deliver cosmetics which do not put an extra burden to our natural world. From the formulation and the selection of wild ingredients to the research and development, each stage is meticulously monitored by us to ensure that the high quality of our natural cosmetics is aligned with our philosophy of environmental awareness and sustainability. We take an extra step and make sure that our cosmetics containers and packaging are made of materials which are strictly recyclable and are produced with the smallest possible carbon footprint.